Information for participants

Here we answer the most important questions for our participants!

Note on the coronavirus and the effects on DecompileD 2020

The DecompileD would be the first physical event in the OstraDome Dresden after the outbreak of the pandemic and we as organizers cannot and do not want to bear the risk of a possible wave of infection. Within the framework of a networking event, it is essential to exchange information directly. However, this is difficult to implement while adhering to the mask obligation and the current distance requirements. Networking also consists of reading the facial expressions and gestures of the other person and even this seems impossible at the moment. Despite the continuing unbroken support of our participant, sponsors and speakers, an event with the highest hygienic precautions is not the format we would like to convey with DecompileD - inspiring, fresh, open and thus characteristic of the up-and-coming software community in Saxony!

We are very sad that this step has now become necessary and we hoped until the end that we would be able to hold the event as planned. Nevertheless, we will continue to pursue with full energy our goal of offering the Saxon developer community an attractive platform for knowledge exchange and networking.

We sincerely hope that we can continue to count on your support and welcome all already registered participants, speakers, meetups etc. in spring 2021 - we are already looking forward to DecompileD 2021 with you!

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I have already bought a ticket, is it valid for the catch-up date?

We will postpone the event in the Eventbrite booking portal until 2021. All participants will receive a separate notification. Your booking will not be affected by this, so you are automatically part of DecompileD 2021.Of course, you can also cancel your booking at any time. You can request cancellation directly via Eventbrite or simply send us an email with your booking number: [email protected]

For questions & further information please contact us: [email protected] / 0351-8925 884.